Sunday, August 24, 2008

We Can't Because...

We just can’t…

Finish that sentence with
1. clean the house because it’s too big (J) or organize it because it’s too small (P).
2. mow the lawn, rake the grass, bag the grass, distribute the grass in the garden rows because we’ve worn ourselves out thinking about cleaning.
3. weed the garden, pick the ten thousand ripe tomatoes, can the ten thousand ripe tomatoes, or eat one more zucchini because the garden is just about done producing anyhow and besides, some of those weeds are supposed to be edible.
4. do both loads of wash in one morning because to hang two loads on the line requires twice the energy.
5. iron those blouses that have been hanging around waiting to be ironed because once they’re worn just one time, they’ll need washing and ironing again.
6. make a big dinner because cereal and milk is just so much easier.
7. clean the porch (or the garage or the closets) because next year they’ll look exactly as they do now.
8. entertain because the thought of making large quantities of food and then cleaning up large quantities of dishes make us think of napping.
9. make the bed, because, speaking of napping, it’s what we like to do best in the middle of the afternoon and what’s the point of making a bed THEN?
10. do much of anything. It’s just too exhausting!

J and I have discussed this lack of energy a LOT. J has proposed the theory that now we’re at this age, we understand that we’re perfectly capable of doing all these things so we don’t have to. We don’t have to prove anything or demonstrate our abilities. So, though all these things need doing constantly and unendingly, there’s no need to really DO them because we know, should the need arise, we could rise to meet it.

I like that theory but I’ve put my lack of energy down to, well, a lack of energy. It’s not boredom based, it’s not based on laziness, it’s tied to everything else we talk about on this blog – body deterioration. It’s like our bodies are saying, “I know how to do this, I just can’t right now.”



molly said...

And besides, it's summertime and the livin' is s'posed to be easy.....
Not to mention that it's too hot!

meggie said...

I keep lecturing myself. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, these days.
I find myself looking with longing at those walkers. to be able to sit & rest would be lovely.

PBS said...

I really like that theory "...there’s no need to really DO them because we know, should the need arise, we could rise to meet it." Maybe that's my problem...

Dominic Rivron said...

We gave up ironing years ago. I haven't noticed any difference. Except we now have a lot more time - and one less thing to worry about.

I know someone, on the other hand, who irons underpants. Life is too short, if you ask me.

Pauline said...

molly - I wish we'd thought of THAT excuse too - and now that it's fall, it gets dark too early ;)

lol meggie - I haven't reached that stage yet but the sofa and a nap look mighty inviting at the end of the work day.

pbs - it's OUR problem too because we buy right into our own theory!

dominic - I actually like to iron - it provides instant and gratifying results. But often I don't do it because to set up the board requires so much energy lol

Princess in Galoshes said...

Uh-oh. I am already saying most of that... I haven't even proved to myself that I CAN yet. I'm prematurely energyless!

Pam said...

I love your blog. Just visiting via Rhayne. I'll be back - I can relate to this and your entertaining past posts, and boy do I agree with it all! Delightful!

Pauline said...

hey princess! You have a looooong way to go before you have to face middle age. But let this be a warning lol

Welcome Pam! J and I laugh a lot, even if we're crying (or whining) at the same time ;)